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Relentless Quality

Sebastijan is relentless in his selection of premium materials for each Borka Blade. Because of his selective standards, his knives not only endure frequent use but are enhanced by it.

Distinctive Design

The unique designs that Borka Blades offers stands as a testament to Sebastijan's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistry and functionality.

The Daring Edge

With each challenge he's faced, Sebastijan has honed his determination, allowing him to stand tall against adversity. The Berenji spirit within each Borka Blade offers a fearsome foundation to guide you through life's uncertainties.

Berenji opens up in an exclusive one-on-one chat

Borka Berenji: The Devoted Guide Who Ignited Her Son's Drive

Borka Berenji was a trailblazing figure who left an enduring mark on Sebo, imparting inspirational and some times lighthearted words of wisdom whenever she could. Sebo fondly recalls her adventurous spirit, still grinning thinking about the rush of seeing his mom speeding by on her motorcycle. As Sebo set out to pursue his own dreams in America when he was 24, Borka's encouragement of "Who Dares Wins" continued to impact him, becoming a guiding principle that motivated him to continually push himself beyond his limits and challenge the status quo.